When it comes to party planning most people have a choice of hundreds of options to have at their functions or events. There are almost countless choices and sometimes it may become overwhelming to the party planner. Choices may include DJ’s, bands, venue’s with in-house entertainment, mechanical bull’s, kids entertainment options and so on. Today, we would like to speak about mechanical bull rides.

We have put together 5 party planning tips for a mechanical bull ride party and we hope these tips will benefit you at your next party!

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Tip 1 – Party Type
It is very important to note that your party type plays a vital role to the type of entertainment that you may have, lets say for example that you are planning a wedding, and you have been dying to try out a karaoke system, this option may not be the best for a wedding. Or, say that you are planning a 40th birthday party and you hire a kids magician hoping to impress the guests with quick tricks, some things just don’t go together. So, make sure that your entertainment type is ideal. A mechanical bull ride is ideal for corporate events like year end functions and staff parties, as well as birthday parties, kids functions as well as charity events and much more. Make sure that your party type will allow for the excitement that comes with a mechanical bull.

Tip 2 – Venue
When you select a venue it has to cater for all your specific requirements, like the number of guests, amount of parking and allowed entertainment types. Usually most venues will be fine having a mechanical bull setup outside, however there are situations where a mechanical bull is not practical, some of these include, roof top venues with limited access, underground venues that do not have access pathways to transport the bulls and off road setups as well. It is always good to get all your details up to date. Sometimes it may be advisable to visit your venue and chat to the manager about your party entertainment requirements before you confirm a booking. It may be helpful to also chat to us for more info and we will be glad to help.

Tip 3 – Lighting Conditions
Depending on what time you would like to have your mechanical bull entertainment, it may be important to consider lighting. For example, if you venue is out in the wild and you do not have any lighting available, it may be difficult for your guests to enjoy your mechanical rides. Ample lighting is great to have as it also highlights the mechanical bull so that your guests can see it as a highlight.

Mechanical Bull Ride
Tip 4 – Power
With the current conditions in South Africa, we have all become accustomed to power interuptions, or as it is known as ‘load shedding’. Load shedding has become a nightmare of many small businesses and it has also taken its toll on entertainment companies, hiring businesses and venues. It is bad enough that clients spend large amounts of money putting together events and at the last minute they are left stranded without power. Fortunately, we do have a solution. Our mechanical bull’s have an optional backup generator that can be rented by our clients. All our clients have to do is request a backup generator and this will be added to their quote. Our generators come with all the required extension cables, fuel & correct power ratings to make sure that your guests will enjoy the rodeo bulls. The generators are also useful for venues where you do not have any access to power at all.

Tip 5 – Guest Participation
The whole purpose of renting a mechanical bull ride is so that your guests can enjoy the bull ride and have a blast of a time. It may be important and sometimes essential to speak to your guests before hand to ask them if they would be happy to have a mechanical ride at the party you are planning. You don’t really have to speak to every single guest, as long as you can get feedback from a few this should be ample enough.

It is not always easy to plan a party but it is very important for you to plan a party that will succeed!

If you do need some advice and support, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you!

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