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Here you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about mechanical bull.

Q: What is a mechanical bull?
A: A mechanical bull is an event entertainment ride that is operated by a person. The bull is electrically run and offers a great amount of fun at functions and events.

Q: What is a rodeo bull?
A: A rodeo bull is another term used for a mechanical bull.

Q: Is a mechanical bull safe?
A: Yes our bulls are very safe rides. We offer our bulls with a trained and professional operator to ensure that the ride is only fun. The mechanical bulls also have many safety features, they come with an inflatable safety matress, there is a control stop switch located on the control unit. Our objective is not to throw riders off the bull but to ensure that they have a fun and enjoyable ride.

Q: Can a child ride the standard mechanical bull?
A: Yes. Provided that they are either above 8 years old or 1.2m and can get on the bull unassisted.

Q: What parties are suitable to hire the mechanical bull?
A: Most parties. Enquire with us for more information.

Q: Where do you deliver to?
A: See our area’s covered page for more info.

Q: How do I make a booking?
A: Simply contact us and we will guide you through the entire process.

Q: Where can the mechanical bull’s be setup?
A: We can setup the bulls in most areas. They have been created to fit through most standard doors. They can also be setup indoors and outdoors.

Q: Which is better, the mechanical bull or mechanical shark?
A: They are both mechanical units and offer a theme for different functions. The choice is entirely up to you.



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