Sexy Mechanical Bull Riding Tips

1. Tell the mechanical bull operator that you want to look good. A sexy bull ride tends to be a slower ride, so the operator should know that you want him or her to run the mechanical bull on a slow setting with more emphasis on the buck over the spin.

2. Hold the mechanical bull strap with one hand (use an underhanded grip) and put your other hand up in the air at a 90 degree angle.

3. Make sure your legs are forward on the mechanical bull. Some mechanical bull models have “kick pads” that indicate where your feet should be on the mechanical bull.

4. When the mechanical bull head bucks down make sure you lean back, and lean forward when the mechanical bull head rises. Your movements should be smooth, and you should pivot from your hips and core.

5. Don’t look stressed, even if you are really nervous about riding the mechanical bull. The sexiest mechanical bull rides are when the rider looks confident. Feel free to smile and act like you ride mechanical bulls every day of your life.

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